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Online writing groups are the best way to connect with other writers who share a common passion, despite the challenges of geography and time zones. Maybe it’s a genre group like Poetry, Memoirs, Fantasy, or Travel writing. Or maybe it’s a group focused on specific critiquing techniques. Whatever the common thread, joining or starting an online writing group allows you and your group members to set your own requirements, deadlines, and feedback policy. Each group has its own goals and provides its own unique motivation.


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On Story Swap, there are two types of stories. Public Stories appear in your profile under My Stories. Everyone can view these stories, but you control if comments are turned on or off. Group Stories only appear in the group tab and only group members can see them. Other benefits to joining a Story Swap online writing group:

  • Free-form or file uploads
  • Full control who can view/edit story
  • Manage story comments
  • Full revision history
  • Document/folder management
  • Group calendars
  • Invitation-based membership


Critique. Support. Inspire.

Have you ever hit a point where something just doesn’t sound right, and you simply can’t figure it out? Your friends might offer advice but they don’t want to hurt your feelings, and frankly, don’t know the difference between conflict and character. Joining a group allows you to get honest, actionable feedback while writing your story. Group members also understand the challenges of finding their voice, writing that perfect dialogue, or revealing a character.


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