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Finn Conroy was not at home.Rather,he was at home,but his home no longer looked the same.Gone were the familiar surroundings that he was used to,replaced [...]


Wasting Walls

It was the first day of summer and the last day of innocence. The last day of my teetering between manhood and adolescence, indulging in [...]


New Thorns

One part of Cora prayed that Billy would hurry, while one part of her prayed that he would not come at all. Through it all [...]



The night was chilly and the cement was cold against my ear, but as I listened, really listened, the warmth of anticipation slowly spread over [...]


The Kaleidoscope

With trembling fingers, the old man gingerly unhinged the tiny clasps and slowly opened the wooden box. It was an unremarkable container, about a foot [...]


The Next Door

The daughter had to have done it. She wants her inheritance, why else would a rich kid commit murder? However, her alibi is solid and [...]


What Time Will Bring

Sometimes in that timeless space Between lines etched in parchment You return to me.   In the midst of moulded memories, A symphony of verse [...]